>>> Processing Time Is Currently: 2-4 days <<<

Time calculated from when we receive your shipment to when we send to Amazon FBA.
Client shipments are handled on a first-in, first-out basis.

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We DO NOT process the following:

  • Used book
  • Bulk Jewelry (mixed boxes)
  • Anything that requires us to assemble before processing.
  • Amazon Customer Returns
  • Used Items
  • Retail Arbitrage ( This is for items you purchase at a store. We do accept items you buy online)
  • Liquidation Clothing with no tags to identify what it is. no single units of clothing. Min 3 per.

FBA Processing Fee Structure:  Only Pay for the services you need.

Here is our fee structure for our FBA fulfillment services. These apply whether you buy inventory through us (See MyInventoryTeam.com), have merchandise shipped from an online retailer or manufacturer, or whether you send in your own inventory for us to process.

Option 1:

3 unit minimum per UPC.

  • 1-29 pieces $1.65 per unit
  • 30 pieces + $0.75 per unit

What this includes: receiving, unboxing, inspecting, Reconcile ordered inventory to received inventory and labeling your merchandise ONLY. Bagging add .55 cents a unit . Bubble wrap is an additional $1.00 to wrap plus $0.35 per foot. Our Boxes are an additional required fee. Please check below for additional pricing that may be needed depending on the service we provide.

Option 2:

Exception Products:

Jewelry: $1.15 per item. 3 unit minimum per UPC.

Books:  New or Text Books only.

$1.70 a book  includes receiving, inspecting ,and labeling only. ( min 2 books per title)

New Clothing:  (min 2 Pieces per item)

$1.70 a item.  What is Included with this fee receiving,inspecting, labeling. Bagging add .55 cents a unit. Bubble wrap  is an additional $1.00 to wrap plus $0.35 per foot.  Our Boxes are an additional required fee.  Please check below for additional pricing that may be needed depending on the service we provide.


Option 3:


  •  $3.20  no matter how many in a Bundle or Multi Pack.

    What is Included with this fee receiving,inspecting, labeling, Bundling and bagging. Bubble wrap is an additional $1.00 to wrap plus $0.35 per foot.  Our Boxes are an additional required fee.  Please check below for additional pricing that may be needed depending on the service we provide.

  • Bags: (has required suffocation label and is used where Amazon guidelines requires it.)
    We bag products that can be physically touched, and /or bottles with liquid inside where the lid is sealed.

Additional Fees That May Apply:

  •   Suffocation Label:  .10 cents a label.
  • .50 cents pick and pack fee per unit for all product going from storage back to an Amazon warehouse Shipment.
  • Changing eCommerce labels to amazon labels $0.40 a label
  •   Extra Labels to cover up more than one UPC  .10 a Sticker
    • Sticker removal of items that are visible: $0.40/sticker
    • Private Label/Branding Labels: $0.20 per card or $0.20 per custom label
    • Pictures: We can provide pictures for damaged product at $1.00 for each picture taken. We can take sample only pictures to verify merchandise for a fee. (These cannot be used as professional product listing pictures)
    • Weights/Dimensions: We can provide weights and dimensions of products for a fee. Typically your supplier can provide this information for you.
    • Merchandise Returns: If there is a request to return merchandise back to a supplier that is not damaged or defective, additional fees will apply. Please keep in mind that if we receive any product that is damaged and leaking we will take pictures of the product for you to be able to get credit from your supplier and then we will dispose of immediately. We do not keep products that are damaged and unable to be sent back to the supplier.
    • Re-Processing Orders: If an order has been completed per your instructions and we have to re-process it due to errors on your part, additional fees will apply.

Warehouse Storage Setup fee.   One time charge. $49.00

Storage: Hold your items in our warehouse. Only .50  per cubic foot per month, with NO additional long-term storage fees. Minimum Quantity 6 units of ea Item or per Sku  Learn more about our storage service and requirements.


If product is not entered into our software before it has to be processed and we have to end up putting it into manual storage additional fees will apply.

We will will hold items for up to 7 days to help you get to the 30 count minimum Discounted Pricing.  After 10 days your Items will go into our storage program at the rates stated below.

Ecom Plus: On-demand shipment for eBay and eCommerce, when you need a prompt, reliable shipping service for order fulfillment. Learn more about the ECom Plus service.

Also if product is sent to our warehouse before it is entered into our software and we have to give you a complete inventory there will be and additional cost of .25 a unit.  If it is entered into our software first no additional fee.

Inbound Shipping  Charges:

Any Boxes that come in to us not on pallets from freight containers or truck loads will be charged $1.00 per box to unload.

Shipping-Related, Including Our Pallet Program:

  • • (NEW) Freight Forwarding: $55 a pallet, If you want us to receive pallets from manufacturers to be freight-forwarded to Amazon, we can do so. We’ll receive, do outside labeling, and store until you provide freight shipping labels via email. This is based on Amazon labeling your individual items for you not us.
    • Pallet Sorting: An additional $50 on top of our regular Prepping  pricing (if a pallet we receive has mixed items in cases)
    • We can ship directly to you.
  • We can also freight forward your  Individual Shipping boxes.  The cost per box is $4.50 for case pack boxes. We’ll receive, put the outside shipping label on the box that you provide and ship to Amazon on your behalf.

• small boxes 16″ x 16″ x 16″ $3.38 a box including bubble wrap lining
• medium boxes 18″ x 18″ x 18″ $3.47 a box including bubble wrap lining
• large boxes 20″ x 20″ x 20″ $3.64 a box including bubble wrap lining
We do not ship goods in the original manufacturer boxes; such boxes can’t be bubble lined as Amazon requires and may not be in good enough condition to use.

We cannot give you an estimate on how many boxes we will have to use until we process your order.